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honey talks podcast with katya nova (nurturingnovas)

Jan 18, 2019

In this episode, Katya & Rob discuss riding the rollercoaster from awkward bickering to connected orgasmic bliss ... and everything in between.

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Discussed in this episode: 

- Rob on being defensive

- have we really had mediocre sex all these years?

- epiphany at Airbnb … Rob needs to hear it from someone else

- what I should have told Rob 8 years ago

- how to have sex with your wife :)

- the 1 thing you can do to want your partner more

- the most intense gratitude practice you’ve ever heard of

- what does it mean to dominate in bed

- what is Orgasmic Meditation

- on teasing 

- what is edging and why you need it in your life


Mentioned in episode:

- Eyal Matsliah

- Esther Perel “Mating in Captivity”

- Gary Vee

- Ali Wong & Louis CK

- OM Method (Orgasmic Meditation)

- Clit Orgasms for Dummies

- OMGyes