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honey talks podcast with katya nova (nurturingnovas)

Apr 19, 2019

Soshy was born into a world where from the age of 3 she was to be covered from the neck down. The first time she broke the rules she was in her teens, by buying a pair of blue jeans and listening to non-Jewish music. Disowned by her mother at 17, Soshy went through some seriously dark times, struggling with diets, binge eating, body image issues, depression, and low self-esteem.

We become fast friends, as we bare our souls about it all: confessions of secret binging behaviours in our youth, sex after motherhood, food and pleasure, what to do when we’re feeling gross, intuitive eating, loving yourself at every size, and how diet culture is effing us up, causing us to feel like we are never good enough!





Discussed in the episode:


- growing up in Hasidic Jewish Brooklyn … getting molested at 15, disowned & homeless at 17

- first time binge-eating … and no language for what was happening

- trying the first diet

- intuitive eating & love yourself at every size

- diet & identity

- Katya’s personal story of eating disorder

- ‘disordered eating’ vs. eating disorder

- why willpower doesn’t work?

- how sugar can be medicinal

- food and pleasure

- healing through sensual, mindful, sacred, ancestral Ayurvedic practices

- Hershey’s chocolate ritual

- if you’ve wanted to start growing food

- praying with food

- what to do when you’re feeling gross

- why we need to expand the definition of sex

- sex after motherhood

- how to look in the mirror



Mentioned in the episode:


- Mark David, Psychology of Eating

- Sapiens

- Sex at Dawn

- Miranda & cake in “Sex and the City” scene

- Maya Tiwari “Path of Practice”

- Odesza “Across The Room” Yung Heat Rendition




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