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honey talks podcast with katya nova (nurturingnovas)

Apr 25, 2019

Liz Koch is an international educator, author with almost 45 years of experience specializing in the primal psoas. Among her most celebrated books are Mother, Maiden, Crone: Our Pleasure Playlist and her latest book Stalking Wild Psoas: Embodying Your Core Intelligence.

Precious wisdom about full body orgasms, why there are no ‘spinal column,’ ‘vaginal wall,’ or ‘pelvic floor;’ the magic of constructive rest, why you can’t poke the caterpillar, why and how to get our tail and tongue to ‘talk to each other,’ how to hydrate our connective tissue to stay lush and orgasmic, a special message for pregnant women, and our men. And so. much. more.

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Discussed in this episode:


- what core integrity has to do with sexual expression, full body orgasm (and relating to all life)

- what & where is our psoas?

- landing in our bones to connect to Mother Earth

- juicy core of our being, about showing up as “you”

- on having a full body orgasm

- on orgasmic communion with yourself / your partner

- altered states in birth?

- why you can’t poke the caterpillar

- how to hydrate the psoas (and why it’s so important)

- how and why we should be hydrating our connective tissue

- why there are no ‘spinal column,’ ‘vaginal wall,’ or ‘pelvic floor’

- getting our tail and tongue to ‘talk to each other’

- what is a ‘frigid’ woman?

- what is kinaesthetic awareness?

- on helping our children trust themselves

- body as object vs body as expression

- the magic of constructive rest

- what is the fetal curl?

- why we have to become resilient, not ‘strong’

- message to pregnant women!

- how to stay orgasmic and lush into your seventies

- how women show stress differently than men

- what are men seeking in sexual union?

- the psoas in men


Mentioned in this episode:


- “Women Who Run With the Wolves”

- Ana Verwaal: Womb to World

- Emily Conrad: Continuum

- video: “Hydrating Movements for Spinal Midline and Psoas - Using a Deflated Ball

- Deric Stockton: Fluid Movement



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