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honey talks podcast with katya nova (nurturingnovas)

Nov 22, 2018

Eyal’s book “Orgasm Unleashed” should be required reading (the Kindle version is practically free, go grab it & review it on Amazon!)


In this episode:

- how Eyal began offering ‘yoni massage’ & the transformative power of this bodywork

- what to do if sex is painful

- how to reconnect with yourself & your partner

- approaching sex after kids

- why you need to stop having orgasms to become more orgasmic

- how to orgasm from everything

- how to ask for what you want

- why surrender matters

- mental health and sexuality

- why self-pleasure comes first

- the Goddess Complex

- tips for a hotter, more connected sex life

- how to amplify your energy, creativity, and sense of sisterhood

… and so much more.



insta: @intimatepower




- School of Consent

- “Are we Sexually Repressed and Don’t Know It”

- Layla Martin

- “Orgasm Unleashed” book


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