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honey talks podcast with katya nova (nurturingnovas)

Jan 11, 2019

This show is brought to you by @fknhoney, a make-love-better love butter with amazing glide and healing botanicals. It’s edible, arousing, smells divine, and can help transform your orgasmic potential. We’re working on 3 versions: 

1) healing love butter containing 18 luxurious ingredients (but no cannabis derivatives),

2) also infused with CBD,

3) containing both CBD and THC, available soon in select Canadian dispensaries (with future plans to distribute to American dispensaries where cannabis is legal).

Preorder for versions 1 and 2 available soon!

YES, we’ll be shipping this make-love-better-love-butter WORLDWIDE!



in this episode:

- news that turned our world upside down (and back up again)

- how sexual energy can fuel pregnancy

- ancient yoni massage

- pregnancy & loss

- Airbnb experiment

- why arousal in women is a bit of a cosmic joke

- trying DO (direct orgasm) method

- rewiring the brain for pleasure

- on expanding orgasmic potential

- oral pleasure talk

- how do we access turn-on

- uncomfortable, raw, real and everything in between


mentioned in the episode: 

- dancing to Deya Dova

- Envision Festival

- the best Airbnb in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic

- Esther Perel

- erotic blueprints


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