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honey talks podcast with katya nova (nurturingnovas)

Feb 1, 2019

Stephanie Rose Freeman is an artist living in a bus, currently exploring themes around empowered sexuality through her luscious erotic oil paintings and commissioned vulva portraits. 

In her current series, she features people basking in their sexual essence with flowers bursting out of them.

She also paints erotic commissions, teaches painting workshops and offers The Yoni Painting Ritual - a transformational one-on-one painting ritual of body love and self acceptance.


The Vestibule is one of the most profoundly moving paintings I’ve ever seen. We had to get Stephanie on the show! In this episode we discuss what it’s like to have your yoni painted, how to listen to your pussy, we talk all about bringing the creative process into your daily life, how we perceive the world when we are and aren’t connected to pleasure, and … what it’s like to live and travel in Magda the Magic Bus!

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In this episode:


- what’s it like to have your yoni painted

- being intuitive in every aspect of your life

- what it means to listen to your pussy

- how the Vestibule painting was born

- how orgasm affects the creative process

- how we perceive the world when we’re not connected to pleasure

- modeling for yoni massage

- insight from a man witnessing yoni massage

- what it’s like to live in Magda the Magic Bus


Mentioned in the episode:


- The Vestibule painting

- process called The Spiral

-  song: 10 Laws by East Forest

- Amanda Sage

- Bridget Roes “Yoniverse”

- @magdathemagicbus



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