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honey talks podcast with katya nova (nurturingnovas)

Dec 6, 2018

At the time of this recording, we celebrate the 1 year anniversary since Katie’s successful petition to allow uncensored birth on Instagram and Facebook. Katie believes telling women that their power is offensive sends a really damaging message - and not only when it comes to birth. In this episode we talk about other taboo thing that take place behind closed doors, like self-pleasure, healing from shame, and cannabis in the bedroom.

So it’s 2018 and most pregnant women have no idea what childbirth entails - because they’ve never seen it. Katie Vigos is the founder of Empowered Birth Project, an inspiring and educational online platform which serves to demystify birth & remind birthing people of their power. She is a registered nurse & doula and lives in Los Angeles with her handsome husband and their three sons.

In this episode:

- cannabis in the bedroom
- leaving Mormon church
- orgasms as medicine
- masturbation & shame
- getting to know your body
- orgasmic birth
- cannabis during labour
- importance of self-pleasure after birth
- painful sex after cesarean
- how to get your libido back
... and so much more.



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