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honey talks podcast with katya nova (nurturingnovas)

Dec 28, 2018

At the tender age of 21, Amber found herself suffering from incontinence, numbness, no libido, and quickly spiralling into a depression. In this episode, she shares how she took healing into her own hands, eventually becoming a celebrated feminine sexuality mentor. She tells us that we cannot be sexually empowered and at the same time NOT be empowered everywhere else in our life. She’ll share why most of us have numb vaginas, why using a jade egg is better than kegels, what happens when we shut down our sexuality … and what to do about all of this.


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we discuss:


- Goddess practices for new moms

- why reclaim the “P” word

- healing incontinence, painful sex, and depression

- why jade egg over kegels

- what can happens when we shut down our sexuality

- why most of us have numb vaginas

- why we may be afraid to look at our sexuality

- why you can’t be sexually empowered and not be empowered everywhere else in your life


mentioned in episode:

- Amber’s birth story    

- “Pussy: A Reclamation” by Regina Thomashauer

- sex pros collective, Rachel Maddox


@amberrleitz - backup account


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