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honey talks podcast with katya nova (nurturingnovas)

Feb 25, 2020


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Discussed in the episode: 

  • how reconnected parenting goes straight into triggers
  • dealing with triggers in the online space
  • Guru Jagat
  • on being energetic beings & having authority to say no
  • from full time ballet, to modeling, to spinning out of control in London
  • anxiety as spiritual disconnection
  • on hitting the wildest rock bottom
  • longing for ritual and finding it in church
  • “Many Lives, Many Masters” book
  • we’re always given doors, are we going to trust we’re given guidance?
  • what resistance to expansion means
  • on plant medicine
  • on Birth & trying to escape the pain
  • miracles showing up when you can’t afford something
  • magic of rebirthing breathwork
  • the story of ‘first breath’ & what we spend our entire lives chasing
  • working with air element
  • on coming from our own childhood pain and projecting onto our children
  • what is ours and what are we carrying?
  • wow children organically process & why we don’t do that as adults
  • why Emma doesn’t share challenging moments with her kids on social media
  • on being adaptable and fluid rather than in control
  • on moving through poverty consciousness
  • Lacy Phillips: unlocking subconscious beliefs
  • Chrissie’s Manifestrix Course
  • on witnessing our ancestral line?
  • non-linear movement: breath work for the body
  • Liz Koch “Wild Psoas”
  • Peter Levine “Body Keeps the Score”
  • on sensuality, pleasure, being touched out
  • Michaela Boehm
  • Aimee Ripsnorter
  • intimacy of receiving