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honey talks podcast with katya nova (nurturingnovas)

Feb 14, 2019

What if our body is an ear to the Universe and it’s our job to release the imprints of our past from our tissues? How do we do this, exactly? Jana Roemer tells us why Yoga Nidra is the answer to everything, why Yoni Egg is a vital practice, why we need to breathe with our pelvic floor, what it means to set boundaries, and how CBD & superfoods can supercharge our life.


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Discussed in this episode:


- going to the edge of your marriage and back

- birth of a mother

- identifying the shift from pregnant to postpartum

- what is parental patterning & how it may be affecting our current relationships

- why yoga Nidra is the answer to everything

- kids are in hypnogogic state, can we go there too?

- how to create new neural pathways and shatter beliefs that hold us back

- how & why we need to go from mind to body

- the magic of yoni egg practice

- why we need to breathe with our pelvic floor

- how to find your way back to your partner after a ‘valley’

- how money may be affecting your sex life

- on setting boundaries with your kids

- why we love CBD

- superfoods to supercharge your life


Mentioned in the episode:


- “Mating in Captivity” by Esther Perel

- Tannis Fishman

- Forging the Feminine Path by Kimberly Johnson

- pelvic floor as “gateway to infinity”

- Tamara Iglesias